2012: Books

“I’m interested in the tactile, emotional and physical qualities of ‘real’ books and this project evolved from a desire to explore book making techniques whilst capturing a year of thoughts, stories and ideas. ┬áThe contents of the 366 books range from stories, diaries, descriptions of maths concepts, poetry to explorations of textures and the way a line can travel through a book from page to page. Choices of method and construction were made in response to previous books creating a visual metaphor for the way memories inform our decisions.┬áThe completed time trail of books serves as a trace of a learning process and the starting point for further work, including animation, sculpture, educational projects and editions of some of the books.”

In June 2013 the books were exhibited in a cabinet borrowed from The First Garden City Heritage Museum as part of a group show, ‘Timeline’ at the Fenners Building in Letchworth.

The catalogue can be viewed here.

The cabinet of books was on show at Turn the Page in Norwich in May 2014.

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