2015 lines

This year I made a small picture from vertical lines, one line for each day of 2015. I wanted to find a way to mark time passing without spending too much time or thinking too hard about what I was doing. During the year I was working on a number of other projects, both in and outside my studio (and I also moved studios). It was interesting for me to keep coming back to this one rectangle of paper, sometimes with a few weeks passing between lines, which meant working out how many I had ‘missed’ and making that many in the same way. Each line was photographed as soon as I made it, using whatever camera I had to hand. What I thought would be a simple, mindless exercise caused a great deal of thought and some frustration. I kept having to think about what the rules were (and change them accordingly): does this line have to be made with one stroke? with one material? while the paper is horizontal or vertical? can I cross other lines? can I cover something up with a paper line? can I rip something off to make a line that is dug into the paper?
Whilst I was making this picture, I allowed myself to make lots of other line pictures, often with horizontal and vertical lines – this will continue as I’m finding it liberating as a source for colour explorations and a playful way to initiate other work. The animation below shows the growing, changing forest of lines.

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