Forest Story Project, Woolenwick Infant School, Summer 2015

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Jane was delighted to work with Herts Creation, Danyah Miller and Woolenwick Infant and Nursery School in the summer term to develop creative ways to use the outdoor environment to inspire story telling and writing.  Over the course of the term Jane worked with all the children and teachers on outdoor art and story telling activities. Jane created new stories that linked with the classes’ topics and interests and encouraged the children to develop new stories of their own.

The children made ‘magic pencils’ from hollowed out elder sticks/feathers/leaves and wool (which they then used to write their own stories about magic pencils), explored and adapted traditional stories with story games, treasure hunts and art activities, created butterfly and bumble bee puppets, fairies and elves, flower crowns and listened to and created lots and lots of stories. Throughout the project there was a focus on creating links between outdoor and indoor learning and helping teachers to feel confident using the outdoor areas of the school as part of their every day teaching space.


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