Letchworth Arts Centre: make a face book, August 2014

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As part of Letchworth Arts Centre‘s summer children’s programme, Jane spent a morning helping children ranging from four year olds to teens to create min books of faces.  Jane showed the group some of her books and discussed different ways of creating faces, including collage, pencil, paint and different ways of depicting faces: cartoons, diagrams, simple shapes, realistic drawings. She encouraged the children to experiment and have fun exploring as many different ways of making face pictures as they could.

They started by creating small, eight page square booklets, folding the paper with a bone press and sewing the pages together with coloured thread.  Then they used their imaginations to fill the booklets with faces, using a variety of techniques, including sewing, sticking, drawing and pin prick faces which could be seen when the pages were held up to the light.  The booklets were then stuck together to create a book, some opening out so that all the faces could be seen at the same time, others stuck together in traditional book format.  The children then made covers out of coloured board and book binding tape.  Jane very much enjoyed working with the group and was inspired by so many wonderful ideas.

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