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Creative Hertfordshire Networking Event

Jane worked with fellow Digswell artist, Debbie Bent, to provide an interactive element to the Creative Hertfordshire Networking Event at the Spirella Ballroom in Letchworth Garden City. ¬†After short speeches and questions from inspiring speakers and the opportunity to engage in a bit of beat boxing, Jane and Debbie invited participants to respond to the corsetry history of the building to create small lanterns using pins, fabrics, ribbons and paper, based loosely on corset shapes. ¬†Jane enjoyed working with Debbie: “Although it is wonderful that people don’t feel the necessity to wear corsets it was fun creating these little paper sculptures and I really enjoyed collaborating with Debbie – we planned through making together, sharing and developing ideas in response to the materials and each other. After the session at Spirella we took the corsets back to Fenners and made animations and photographs of them – we were delighted at people’s creativity and engagement in response to a simple task and were very pleased to be invited to contribute to a great event.”

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