Tannery Drift Lanterns

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During Jane’s residency at Dot to Dot, she worked on a Rhapsode project for Tannery Drift first school.  Jane spent two days working with all the children in the school and their teachers developing spring lanterns.

Jane enjoyed working with this welcoming school.  The children all applied themselves enthusiastically to the challenges and developed new skills while enjoying themselves.  Jane’s description of the project: “We decided to focus on colour mixing using waxed tissue paper and film in primary colours, with slightly different activities for each age group.  The younger children made house lanterns, mixing primary paint colours first to colour the walls of the houses.  They then cut out windows and doors and carefully layered the translucent paper to create new colours – holding them up to the window to test out their ideas.  The windows were lit up by the sun blasting in through the classroom windows.  Other classes created lanterns, some with additional paper cut outs to create interesting shadows along with the lit up windows. The children used primary watercolour paints to create rainbow paper to add patterns to their lanterns.”

The school’s feedback was very positive: “Thank you so much for a wonderful two days.  The children really enjoyed the workshops and got a lot out of them.You have been so easy to work with, really understanding the budget and resource constraints of a school!  All of the activities were well planned and resourced and you led interesting workshops that really inspired the children. Thank you.”

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