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Jane was artist in residence at Dot to Dot Gallery in Letchworth throughout February and, together with a show of recent original drawings, paintings and prints on a weather theme, she ran workshops for adults and children.

During a Saturday ‘rainbow day’ families worked together to paint rainbows of every size, mixing primary colours with plenty of water straight on to the paper;  the biggest rainbow was torn and cut up to create rainbow collage pictures.  Beeswax crayons in primary colours were used to mix rainbows and greys mixed up to create the sky behind them.  And window pictures were made to catch the light, mixing primary colours with waxed tissue paper.  Some families wrapped up against the wind and created a rainbow jacket for a tree using coloured paper.

A ‘cloud’ workshop for children ranging from three to ten, with their parents and carers, included charcoal drawing, painting with watercolours on wet paper and collage.

During an evening workshop for adults (one of Dot to Dot’s monthly Creativity and Cocktails events) Jane showed participants how to create their own mini, bound, book with a spine.

Here is a link to an article in the Hertfordshire Comet about the residency.

During Jane’s residency she was also employed by Rhapsode to run lantern making workshops at Tannery Drift First School – please see next post for further information.

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