Jane Glynn: Artist Statement/November 2013

Jane Glynn: Artist Statement/November 2013

I make pictures, animations and sculptures that explore stories, memories and time passing, either by creating elements myself over a period of time, or by working with groups of people, inviting them to join me in this process of discovery. My work relates to the way our memories are like strings with knots in them – we only remember the last knot (or the last time we remembered something). Perceptions are built up in layers, tried and tested through different lenses as we gain new understandings about ourselves and our world, building in solidity as they stack up in the ‘likely to be true’ pile.

Drawing has always been compelling for me: as a tool for scrutinizing and developing my work, as a way of depicting accurately how something looks to me, and for the expressive act of showing feelings, ideas and stories. My first children’s picture book, “My Sister Likes” is due to be published by Carl Auer this year.

My projects enhance people’s self-awareness and provide opportunities to explore ideas through doing and making. I find that taking people outside into the natural or built environment is one short cut to these kinds of experiences, as is working on collaborative, creative projects in a studio environment.

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