Standalone Farm: Family Arts Festival

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As part of the Family Arts Festival, Jane worked with families visiting the Standalone Farm over hallowe’en half term to create magic elder wand pens.  Elder was collected from hedgerows, cut to size and hollowed out then decorated with herbs, flowers, leaves and wool.  Finally a pen was inserted into the middle and participants wrote their own magic spells and wishes.  Beth McDougall, from the Letchworth Heritage Foundation, writes:

“The Creativity Cloak was then passed on to Jane Glynn, an local artist and author, based at the Fenner’s building in the Wynd. On Wednesday Families made their own Wizard and Witch wand which had the magic ability to write spells. Made from elder, the material used for the Wand of Destiny in the Harry Potter books, families used natural materials, feathers and herbs to personalise their wands. Magic spells were being cast everywhere with more than a few Wingardium Leviosa charms flying around. One family said “We loved, loved, LOVED the magic pen activity. More of this please”, which has definitely spurred us on for more arts activity at the farm next year.”

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