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Notes form Jane’s 2012 project at a school in Hertfordshire:

“I recently ran a forest school art project at St Andrew’s primary school in Hitchin, as part of their enrichment programme.  We used their beautiful school grounds and sometimes followed up the work in the classroom. Here are some photographs of Year 3’s work over the first half of the Spring term 2012:

Using materials found in a tunnel of trees, the children created 2D imaginary creatures.They went on to make pictures of them from memory in the classroom.

The children explored colours and textures by making patterns on circles of cardboard and larger circles on the ground or around trees, using double sided tape to hold everything in place.

Children learned how to make rubbings of leaves and feathers and then made collage pictures, adding detail as they went along.

The children created houses for small animals or imaginary creatures using found materials.  They were shown how to create a pyramid construction to start off with but where encouraged to develop their own methods of making the houses sturdy.

Investigations took place into the textures of the playground surfaces, using the rubbing techniques learned for the collage leaf pictures.

Models of living creatures were made, using found materials (with some help from double sided tape, pipe cleaners, beads and wool).”

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