Books 2012

I’m interested in the tactile, emotional and physical qualities of ‘real’ books and this project evolved from a desire to learn how to bind books and a need to find a way of working every day whilst teaching full-time.  I set myself the simple task: make a book for every day of 2012.  I started by making a book every day but found I needed to bend and stretch the rules in order to complete the project; when I missed a day I had to make two books that were the same in some way and when I missed seven days I had to make seven books which were obviously a group.  This enabled me to explore groups and concepts of originality and imitation and that has become a fundamental aspect of this series.

The contents of the books range from stories, diaries, descriptions of maths concepts, poetry to explorations of textures and the way a line can travel through a book from page to page.  Decisions about method and construction are informed by previous books and this creates a visual metaphor for the way memories inform our decisions.

The growing trail of books, together with my notes and photographs, also serves as a trace of a learning process and the starting point for further work, including animations, sculpture and editions of some of the books.”

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